Not only is Team Wendy passionate about the products we make, but we’re also serious about sustainability. One important step in this direction was becoming “Green Certified” through the Green Business League, a Chicago-based green certification company. To accomplish this, we made many changes that have had lasting impacts, such as switching from Styrofoam to recyclable paper cups, replacing paper towels with energy-efficient hand dryers, increasing our use of recycled printer paper by 50 percent, and hiring an eco-friendly janitorial service. The company is also a member of E4S, a Northeast Ohio-based organization dedicated to promoting sustainable business practices and opportunities.

In addition to implementing and maintaining green practices throughout the office, the company has a partnership with Flexible Foam Products in Spencerville, Ohio, to recycle its scrap foam into a wide array of other useful items. Since 2006, we have recycled more than 700,000 pound of scrap foam. At Team Wendy, we are committed to lessening our environmental impact and aim to instill this mindset into all of our employees.