Protective Boat Flooring

Injuries to the legs and spine, along with prolonged and severe discomfort, are being experienced by high-speed watercraft occupants. Available watercraft flooring solutions do not adequately mitigate the impacts and vibrations caused by various sea state extremes.

Leveraging our expertise in the field of blast and blunt impact mitigation, Team Wendy developed ZMAT™ Protective Flooring System. ZMAT™ is designed to reduce the occurrence and severity of debilitating lower-leg injuries by absorbing impacts and vibrations. Utilizing the unsurpassed energy-attenuating qualities of Team Wendy’s materials, ZMAT™ reduces tibia loads by up to 73 percent while preventing fatigue and lowering joint stress.

Shock Cycle Testing
Shock cycle testing was performed to determine the long-term comfort of ZMAT™ boat flooring at various sea states. Referencing the ASTM Standard F1614-99 for Shock Attenuating Properties, we tested up to two and four times the energy level of a normal running movement. ZMAT™ outperformed competing flooring materials by more than 60 percent at all impacts levels, signifying increased comfort and lower risk of injury.

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